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Caio Silva dos Reis (1998) is a multidisciplinary creative and “cultural midfielder” settled in São Paulo, Brazil.

His first contact with the internet and the Hip-Hop culture were essentials for his cultural formation and interest for music, fashion, media and subsequently, for all the intersections amongst them. With years of research, experimentation and learning of nuances from different industries and artistic styles, developed a vast repertoire of references and skills.

Dropped out of his IT associate degree to work in a recording studio. Dropped out of Philosophy's bachelor degree to attend an Arts’ bachelor degree. After that, abandoned the Arts course to do things on his own way. Ultimately, graduated in Marketing.

His creative flexibility reflects in his collaboration with multiple brands and national and international artists, field in which has ease to connect various references, people and techniques to create something new that resounds with the youth.

Beyond his collaborative work, Caio nourishes a few personal projects, like Cosmopolitan Boys (a lifestyle page/cultural movement/brand). He is currently the creative director of Labbel Records.

Here you will find a selected range of his works.

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